Are you ready to Heal for Real?

Whenever you play a game, you take damage. Then you heal. Sometimes, life is like that too. Every three seconds someone, somewhere needs real blood. Since the US lockdown, there have been substantially less blood donations than ever before. But in times of the Corona Virus Pandemic, we still need your blood to save lives.

Team Liquid wants you to Heal for Real. They have partnered up with Blood Centers of America to raise awareness for the constant need for blood donors. You can help. Register to donate blood through this link.

The actual donation only takes about 10 minutes. The entire process takes about an hour. In one hour, you can make a real difference. Every donation is needed. Every donation is used to help others.
Let’s Heal for Real!

HealForReal Registration


“By leaving your details in the form above, you pre-register as a blood donor and give BCA and your local blood center permission to contact you. Registration through this form is not binding.

You will soon after registration receive an invitation to schedule your first blood donation appointment. If you have any questions during this process, your local blood center will be able to answer them and help you. For some basic information about blood donation, you can consult our FAQ.”