Becoming a blood donor is simple. Use the zip code search bar at the top of this page to find a participating blood center near you. You will be redirected to their website, where you can select the location you’d like to donate at. You may need to create an account, or you may only need to leave some basic details to schedule your first donation appointment.

You can register for different types of blood donation:

  • Whole blood: the most flexible type of donation. It can be used in its original form, or separated into components to help multiple people.
    • Use: trauma patients, people undergoing surgery and people with anemia.
  • Double/power red: a double dose of red cells, which are used every day for people who need blood transfusions. When you donate, red blood cells are separated from your other blood components, and plasma and platelets are returned to you in one automated process.
    • Use: trauma patients, , and anyone suffering blood loss
  • Platelets: these tiny cells stop bleeding by forming clots. When you donate platelets, your red cells and most of your plasma is returned to you. You cannot be taking aspirin or other medications when donating platelets.
    • Use: cancer treatments and organ transplant procedures
  • Plasma: the liquid part of your blood, which can be transfused to replace clotting factors. You can donate more plasma in one sitting than you can donate blood in one whole blood donation. Plasma can be donated every 4 weeks or more.
    • Use: trauma patients and other large volume transfusions, liver disease, and burn victims.

For your first-time donation, the most common option is a whole blood donation.

On your day of donation, make sure you eat well in advance and drink enough water. Also, make sure you do not drink alcohol before you donate.. When you show up to donate blood for the first time, you will fill out a registration form before proceeding to donate.

After donating, ask for your limited-edition Team Liquid t-shirt. And don’t forget to post a photo of your first-time donation to social media using the #HealForReal hashtag!

If you’re already an existing donor, you can participate by introducing a new donor. You will then both receive a Team Liquid t-shirt!