These are confusing times. But one certainty is that blood donations are still needed, and that you can donate safely.

Read about what our Blood Centers are doing to keep you safe during the Corona Virus

So what can you expect from your first blood donation experience? Once you show up at your local blood center at your scheduled time, the center will have you you sit down to fill out the questionnaire about your medical background. Then, you’re all set for your first donation!

HealForReal Registration

“By leaving your details in the form above, you pre-register as a blood donor and give BCA and your local blood center permission to contact you. Registration through this form is not binding.

You will soon after registration receive an invitation to schedule your first blood donation appointment. If you have any questions during this process, your local blood center will be able to answer them and help you. For some basic information about blood donation, you can consult our FAQ.”